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28.01 20070

Stop Bush!

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Stop Bush!

It is a bit unsettling when friends call you from small town (and I'm being generous) middle America to tell you that your picture is in their local Sunday paper! Then the process repeats itself, but this time it's from Florida. And then Oregon. And it continues... It turns out that both AP as well as Reuters have had several of your pictures from the anti-war rally of Saturday in Los Angeles on wire , and obviously it got picked up by more than a few publications. So I spent part of the day answering questions like; is that you behind Cindy Sheehan? Was Martin Sheen there too? (No, he was/is in Europe) What was Jackson Browne like? Is Mike Farrell taller then Alan Alda? Isn't Ron Kovic far more interesting in real life than Tom Cruise's portrayal? And of course, I pretended that I was the celebrity specialist, particularly on anti-war ones, while making up answers to many of the questions. My only qualms? How come my name is missing from every single caption? I guess I can't be considered a celebrity, even after an editor in Iowa puts my picture on his front page. O' well.

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28.01 20071

Just Don’t Call Me Persian!

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Although MEMRI is at best a questionable source for unbiased material, I occasionally find something of interest in their archives. The debate above on Al-Jazeera may be an indication of how murdering a murderer is going to increase the number of murders for many years to come. The least possible candidate for martyrdom status was awarded exactly such lofty cultural and religious position to the point where even the brother of one of his victims (Al-Jabouri) wants to go to his grave site as a pilgrim. Last night, I heard similar sentiments from yet another very unlikely source, an Iranian veteran of the Iran-Iraq war had nothing but praise for the tyrant who devastated his country: "at least he stood his ground and showed that he is a brave leader to the very last minute". In the ongoing saga of catastrophic blunders after colossal misdeeds during this unnecessary, illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, Saddam's execution as well as "accidental" beheading of his half-brother may rank right up there with Al-Ghareib torture pictures and dismissal of Iraq's entire army as one of the major ones. I suppose history will tell us if that is the case. Text of the above video is available here. My favorite part and insult of the year: "You are Persian!"

UPDATE - Apparently YouTube decided to make the video I had uploaded unavailable! Oh well. Go here and search for clip #1347 to watch it. Thanks P.

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