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18.05 20061

Thomas Friedmans of the world…

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If you come across Thomas Friedman in one of his public appearances (and he does lots of them, so you actually may) please do us both a favor and ask him a simple question: Could he explain -or excuse- his fervent support of the illegal invasion of Iraq, without referencing Al-Qaeda or Usama? We spent our Tuesday evening listening to him deliver his “The World Is Flat” speech to explain and promote the book of the same name (I guess 54 consecutive weeks on the top ten best sellers list isn’t enough.) Yet at the end, the very first question of the Q&A session was about his support of the war. He went on for at least 10 or 12 minutes rambling about how dangerous he feels Al-Qaeda is and how Usama is a larger threat to “us” than Communists or Nazis at some point were! Not a single mention of Saddam or anything of sort. Didn’t somebody tell him yet that there was never a connection between the two? Or is he just skillfully using the emotional argument (or the fear factor) in explaining the big boogeyman in an attempt to divert the attention of his listeners/readers from the main topic? All his talk of “those people” and “Arab world”, etc. in my opinion is rather remarkably similar to the tone of the administration he often criticizes. Friedman then went on about how he likes the Muslims of India, pointing that not a single Indian Muslim is currently in Guantanamo Bay, despite the country being home to the second largest number of Muslims in the world. With that argument, Ahmadinejad and company should also be welcomed to the camp of friends, since no Iranian Muslims are in Gitmo either. As I wrote almost three years ago: “if you supported the immoral and illegal invasion of Iraq and can’t publicly admit to your mistaken assessment, it’s okay. At least somewhere in a secluded and solitary corner, where no one can hear or see or sense, please find a moment of candor with your soul and admit that you were had. Admit that you fell for the BS, although your heart was probably in the right place. You need to do it to move on, to forgive yourself for a blunder, a fable, a corrupted vision. It will do your character, essence and psyche a lot of good. Trust me, it will.” Thomas Friedmans of the world could use that advice to this day.

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18.05 20061


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  • Shirin Ebadi: Iranians Demand Change, Reject War by US.
  • We were there & loved observing the idea bankrupt protesters!
  • Washington Post: U.S. Secretly Backing Warlords in Somalia.
  • Will we (or is it "them"?) ever learn from our past stupidity???
  • Investi-Gate - What's really at stake in the November elections.
  • From Washington Monthly and an easy read too!
  • VOA: Majority of Israelis Say Arabs Should Leave.
  • I bet the majority of Palestinians want Israelis to move too!
  • Reuters: Anti-abortion group seeks to keep Israel Jewish.
  • Read this sory, then read the link just below!
  • Beware demographic hysteria.
  • There will be a Jewish majority in Israel for years to come !
  • AsiaTimes - Dissent and defection: An Iranian confession.
  • Interview with Masoud Banisadr, former MKO member!
  • Iranian Public Opinion and the Nuclear Stand-Off.
  • "Few Iranians are displeased with their new president's nuclear brinkmanship."
  • Europe's biggest brothel.
  • For those planning to visit Germany during wiorld cup!
  • 12 Countries that are currently lead by a female head of state.
  • Can you name at least six before looking?
  • Art: Soviet Union propaganda posters from 1917 to 1991.
  • What a fascinating collection! I feel inspired.
  • boon: innovations for modern parents.
  • The coolest set of toys and accessories for babies!

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