February 07, 2005

On Mortality

I find it remarkable that people with strongest religious convictions often have the most difficult time dealing with issues surrounding mortality. This is particularly true in case of a close companion facing an untimely demise where the usual excruciating pain is not going to heal unless an "explanation" of divine nature - typically fictional and even comic in nature - is established. After all, the person is often inundated with a life-time of assurances that if they do as directed, nothing but good will happen to them and that whole arrangement is suddenly under serious assault.

It is that "why me?" position and sudden feelings of an unfair pattern to this world that makes such people find it difficult to deal with an already challenging situation. Setting expectations is already a prelude to eventual disappointments and this expectation, is the mother of them all as it deals with the most valuable possession we each maintain; our whole existence.

So, does it matter that most will eventually find solace in a belief that there was already a bigger plan or urgent help of their loved one was needed at a better place or the "dress rehearsal" was finally over and like a minor-leaguer being called to the big show, they were called upon to perform at the main event? Perhaps not. Unless you have chosen a different path in life where reality is more significant than make belief and stories are only crucial, as long as they don't get in the way of facts.

Posted by Pedram at February 7, 2005 09:52 AM