December 11, 2003

Them Damned Immigrants

Episode I
So the former Governor of Texas signs the bill to grant a bigger role in Medicare to health conglomerates that pay for his job and who is the biggest loser in all this? who else? those darn immigrants. It turns out that private health care providers who treat migrant-workers are now to receive a windfall of $1 billion. Yes, billion with a "b". They are also required now to report all "undocumented immigrants" to immigration officials. It's not enough that they hold multiple jobs nobody else wants and work for wages nobody can possibly desire to just survive. Now they won't be able to seek treatment if they get injured at those jobs as seeking treatment will bring an end to their livelihood.

Episode II
So an immigrant gets elected to the highest office in the state and some may assume he would be a protector of their rights. What is the first bill he signs into law? Banning a large portion of those immigrants from obtaining a simple drivers license. It's not enough for them to be subjected to all he prejudice and heartlessness that "different-looking" immigrants face here while taking demeaning and unwanted jobs only they would be willing to take. Now they cant drive to those jobs either, or break the law by driving an injured co-worker to a hospital, where they'll both be subjected to deportation procedures.

Episode III
So an old movie theatre (one I have several memories associated with) collapses and where does it crush on? An English as Second Language class next door where the new immigrants have gathered to improve their language skills in hope of getting better jobs and being allowed to participate more fully in their communities. Augusto Cesar Mejia Solis originally from Central America dies, while a number of others are severely injured.

Reminds me of a friend who used to refer to his own rotten fortune by stating; if two _-_ fell from the sky tonight, one would find its way immediately up his _-_ while the other one will await its turn to go there. It sure seems like whatever falls from the sky, somehow finds its way up one immigrant's _-_ or another.

Posted by Pedram at December 11, 2003 11:59 PM

I favor giving a drivers license to illegal aliens IF the license clearly says, "NOT ELIGABLE TO VOTE" right on it. The license law has nothing to do with highway safety and everything to do with pandering, and voter fraud.

In Massachusetts there was a similar law preparing to be passed that got dropped because of voter outcry.

Several people including myself wrote to the Mass. politicians stating, "If this is a road safety concern find a way to give them a license without allowing them to vote."

That will never happen because this is simply a trojan horse for watered down citizenship and rescinding the citiznship requirement for voting.

The potential for voter fraud is too great and I do not believe that illegal imigrants won't vote. In fact I think Democrats would run buslines down to Juarez to pick up more voters.

The reason the democratic establishment in Massachusetts wanted the drivers license for illegal imigrants is simple. We got tired of the establishment in Mass (which is the democrat party) and elected a Republican governer. They know that allowing even a portion of the 150K + illegtals to vote would change that, and usurp the will of the voting citizens.

I would further like to point out the hypocracy of the Democratic party that champions ever higher minimum wages while simultaneously stating in no uncertain terms that our "economy needs the illegals because they work below minimum wage".

Lets also place the blame where it belongs, people who hire illegals. I applaud the investigation of Walmart. I also believe that if you cannot get your veggies picked, lawn mowed, or shelves stocked without breaking labor and imigration laws,,, TOO BAD! Then you don't get your lawn mowed, your leaves never get raked, and you may even be forced to come to grips with the fact that your food comes from people working in deplorable conditions.

Conversely, if the country needs those laborers, then let them in, give them a work visa, they should be screened and vetted like all other imigrants, and wait thier turn. LET THEM IN, go ahead start issuing work visas for all these people.

The same goes for the H1B technology people who give me stiff competition for employment. Don't give them some watered down visa. Think in terms of an American company, who would you hire, the American citizen who can quit and go else where when he feels like it, or the Chinese guy on the H1B. So I favor just giving them a plain work visa, and letting them work with the same free will as a citizen.

To come here illegally is to jump ahead in line, and cut in front of people I work with. People with names like Mohammed and Pranaw.

I saw some hope for the 'guest worker program' that gets talked about from time to time, but I fear a 'second class' laborer system being set up.

Posted by: A.H. at December 12, 2003 08:32 AM

I thought voter fraud was just those people knocked off the voting rolls because they had the same last names as convicted felons...

Posted by: nobbog at December 12, 2003 03:22 PM

Oh please! Were all the people on the Mayflower 'legal' immigrants?

The Europeans annihilated the Natives in America, stole a continent from them, and now become high and mighty about how it's wrong to illegally enter someone else's territory.

It's so tragic that most of the migrants labelled 'illegals' are Mexicans who have lived in the Americas for tens of thousands of years.

As you sow, so shall you reap.

Posted by: Mani Agha at December 12, 2003 03:23 PM

Charge them taxes, force them to obey the law, but god forbid they have a say in electing people who decide how that tax money is spent or laws are passed. Height of American hypocracy.

Posted by: visitor at December 12, 2003 06:04 PM

Spelling lesson for the day:
hypocrISY (not hypocracy, which, if it existed, might mean government based on hypodermic needles).

Posted by: Mani Agha at December 13, 2003 12:44 AM

1) The Illegal immigrants from Mexico have not lived here for thousands of years, They have lived here since they were born, and are of mixed ethnic background.
2) So What?
3) It has nothing to do with enthnic background or skin color.
4) Every other country in the world screens thier entrants.
5) While no immigrant group has ever 'changed' America. It may have added different aspects to the culture, but the government continued. What we are seeing now is an avalanche from south of the border.

The people here on this page make my anti-immigrant point perfectly. You hate America, you want to tear down the border, and would love to see America broken apart. You continually press the point that America is Evil. And when the avalanche of poor uneducated people from the south finally do start a seperatist movement, the Eyeranians that post on this page will thinks its a wonderful thing.

We cannot throw open the borders and let them vote unless we want to destroy the United States. Becuase if we do allow this avalanche of America hating, uneducated people to continue, it will lead to a seperatist movemment.

The earlier posts on this page say that I "reap what I sow" linking some hundred year old annexing of the west to a brewing seperatist movement. This proves that you people here on this page do in fact want the exact opposite of what is good for America.

You can bet I will do everything politically possible to stop you America hating people out of my country.

Furthermore I will say it again, if America is evil, why did you come here. And why dont you leave.

And lastly, yes, you are racist.

Posted by: A.H. at December 15, 2003 10:52 AM

Dear A(rse) H(ole),
Respect starts at home! Since you are so concerned about trespassing upon my land, I shall help you putting your money where your mouth is!

I'll help you pack.

Posted by: Native American at December 16, 2003 01:21 AM