September 01, 2003

Canada VS. Southern California

Some Random Observations About Canada, Southern California and More...

► Canadians are in much better shape than I remember. However, a national campaign to encourage the usage of more thongs is highly needed. 'nuf said.

► Way more people seem to smoke in Toronto, compared to Southern California. Drop the nasty habit my Canuck friends!

► Ontario's universal health plan pays for gastric bypass surgery. Love it! I'm not fat enough to need it (yet) but these types of preventative treatments are a great idea, I think.

► Need a great, inexpensive place to stay while in Toronto? Try this one.

► Before going to Toronto, or right away upon arrival, pick up a copy of the latest issue of NOW, as well the more upscale Toronto Life. You'll know everything you'll need to know, from the hottest new clubs, upcoming shows, latest cool places to eat, not to mention the going rate for "she-male" escorts.

► Pretty much everything is less expensive in Toronto. It is great to buy a whole box of mangos or a great martini for $3, pay less than $20 a month for "high speed" internet connection, fill up your trunk with groceries for $35, have a very fancy dinner for two for under $100 and pay $200 for a decent men's suit. (All figures in US $)

► Toronto is certainly THE place to taste the world, in the most authentic way; excellent Dim Sum, real (not processed) Shawarmas, decent Indian Buffets, Sheftalia from Cyprus and Chilean Parilladas are just some of the great food I enjoy there.

► Between the CBC, the TVO and some of the great shows on Roger's Cable's community channel, Toronto has an amazing TV line-up. Besides, can you think of another North American city with soft porn on their regular television in late evenings?

► A newspaper like The Toronto Star would never exist here.

► Hey, our weather is better!

Posted by Pedram at September 1, 2003 11:08 PM

You asked which N. American city we know that outdoes Toronto in some observations you mentioned. Well here you go ;)
Montreal can beat Toronto in all those respect. No question about it. Check restaurents across Canada, you'd be surprised Montreal restaurents simply outnumber Toronto's.

Plus Montreal has less of an issue of race (except English and French, but that's more of culture and language). You see more cross racial marriage in Montreal than racially segregated Toronto.

Montreal is much liberal than Toronto in many cultural aspects.

The only thing that I hate about Montreal is driving there. Signalling while changing lane is just a suggestion, cutting in front other cars is normal, and you hear honking horns.

And, no, I am not paid by Montreal's bureau de
tourisme :)

P.S. Glad your father passed the danger.

Posted by: Hooman at September 2, 2003 06:28 AM

Haven't been in Montreal yet but if you have a chance check out our Vancouver sometime. It's heavenly beautiful, ultra cool and trendy and hospitable. Yaletow, without a doubt, is the hipsters' mecca of the west coast.

Its Beaches, mountains and parks makes Vancouver one of the most unique cities in the world. And hey, Vancouver has the most gorgeous chicks in the whole world. Go to any beach and check out the ultra hottest beach beauties in thongs!

Vancouver rocks so does our hockey team -- Vancouver Canucks!

Posted by: ramin at September 2, 2003 10:21 AM

Wow, this is like a Canadian civic competition.

Well, let me put in a word for Ottawa. Yes, it is a dull city full of politicians, but only 30 minutes from here is Gatniuea park. On some days, I goin skiing or (in the summer) canoeing after work. And the Rideau canal is gorgeous -- and allows you to skate to work in winter.

Well - it,s not Toronto or Montreal or Vancouver, but its a pretty little city.

Posted by: Ikram Saeed at September 2, 2003 01:57 PM

Don't forget Byward market that is bigger and more lively than the whole Entertanent District of Toronto. For being lively include Elgin St. too.

Posted by: Hooman at September 2, 2003 03:33 PM


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