June 28, 2003

More Mini Polls

Here are the results of the rest of archived eyeranian mini polls:

In the least favorite opposition figure, Rajavi just barely beat out Pahlavi with 37% and 33% of the votes. Nourizadeh was a surprise 3rd at 16% followed by "anyone on LA TV's" at 7%. O-Hum got more votes than Bani-Sadr, 5% vs. only 2%.

Next was the question of how we should react if Iraqis choose an Iranian style theocracy as their form of government; 45% said we should respect their choice, while 29% suggested bombing Baghdad again and 16% believe we shouldn't let that happen (who said Neo-Cons don't read this blog?). Other choices got 10% of the total votes.

I guess most of you consider me "progressive" (42%) and "liberal" (21%). "Funny", "Left" and "Dangerous" also got some votes. On the other hand, most voters labeled themselves as Middle/Neutral (33%) and Liberal (30%).

If Iran was free tomorrow, an overwhelming 97% of you wouldn't vote for Reza Pahlavi. You are very smart folks!

Most Iranians (57%) who voted did not want U.S. intervention in Iran. The same also applies for most Non-Iranians. Maybe surprising, 34% of voters were Iranians who wanted that intervention. I guess we can all live in an utopian fantasy.

Almost half of you said you love every part of this blog at 47%, while 24% loved the political stuff and 18% prefer others' comments.

I've also closed the questions concerning how often you visit this blog as well as your favorite electoral systems. To see those results, along with the ones on top, click on 'View Stats" at the bottom of the poll box, then click on "View Archives".

I don't think I need to remind anyone about how unscientific and limited these mini-polls are, so I hope nobody takes the results too seriously. However, it is a fun way of seeing what and how other visitors think. I'll be posting some new ones, look for them.

Posted by Pedram at June 28, 2003 09:45 PM