April 29, 2003

Persian Blogs

From "Gireh (Clamp Vise) Blog Society" : Our rendezvous was set for 4:40 at Daneshjoo Park, in front of Buffalo coffee shop. From the description he had provided, I recognized him at 4:40. At first we wanted to go into the coffee shop, but decided to go inside the park to enjoy the nature, as well as the fresh opportunities available at the park. We sat in a corner and started to talk. We talked and argued so much, we forgot how long this meeting had taken. The first questions for both of us was the educational and employment backgrounds of one another, which we wasted little time on. We then sat quietly, looked into each other’s faces as to try to evaluate one another, then we both asked: “which blogs do you regularly read?”.

Posted by Pedram at April 29, 2003 11:14 PM